Rest calmly knowing you do not have to be "that guy" whose phone goes off in his brother's wedding.

Take the simple step of utilizing an incredibly underutilized feature since iOS 7. Do Not Disturb can silence all calls, alerts and notifications, but you have to enable it!

Go To Settings | Do Not Disturb to Access these Options:

  • Manual - Toggle to turn off and on.
  • Scheduled - Define a time period where you want this to automatically be enabled.
  • Allow Calls From - Avoid missing emergency calls or alerts. Setup this section to allow those important to you to still contact you.
  • Repeated Calls - When enabled, if a person tries to call you multiple times in a row then they will be allowed through.
  • Silence - Allow it to be disabled when you unlock phone or stay enabled until you disable it.

One other note, Do Not Disturb can be manually toggled in the Control Center when you swipe up from the bottom of your phone at any time.