Oh no you didn't!  

You went down to your local mobile carrier and picked up a brand new shiny iPhone or Android phone.  Your kids said it would change your world.  Your grand-kids taught you how to use it (because we've all seen how 2-yr olds are born to swipe things across screens).  All well and good I guess.  

You know how to use Notes, Mail, Messages, Reminders, Calculator, Clock and of course the Camera.  You don't know every feature of them but it's good enough.  At this point you can see that a smartphone is certainly more useful than that Nokia candy bar or any Moto RZR.

Here is the problem.  Those default apps are good but you are still selling yourself short.  Apple, Google and Microsoft do a fantastic job at including all the basics in their apps.  They shoot for being good enough for the 80% of users.  Let me show you how to become part of that other 20%.  Peer pressure may have put this phone in your hands so you might as well put it to good use.

I'll be reviewing many of these in the coming weeks, but for now consider this a starter pack of apps to explore.