What is it?
Since the Internet began, people of similar interests have gathered for discussion around a single topic. It provided a very focused method for learning more about this interest. Rooms is the App version of this chat room idea.

Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to discuss an interest or learn more about something.

How to?
Download Rooms App for iOS https://appsto.re/us/v7oh3.i

Open App and Click Create Account
Press Home and Power buttons at same time to take a screenshot Click Confirm Account


Enter Email Address and Click Next
Check the Email Account for a 6 Digit Code from Facebook Rooms


At this point you're in but now what? There is no way to search and discover what rooms are available for you to join. This is where most will throw in the towel, but you don't have to. Go to one of the places I mention below to find a room you might like. When you find the image for the room, press home and power button to create a screenshot.
Once you have done this you can go back into the Rooms app and click the Use Invite button on the bottom right of the main screen. When you agree to give the app access to use the camera, the rooms will magically show up for you to access. Why did it have to be so complex?

Find Rooms here:


️Search 'FacebookRooms' on Instagram or Facebook.

Examples I found at at both these places:


If you find anything interesting, feel free to comment below.