If you are going to wade into learning more about technology, there will inevitably be words that are assumed by the geeks who created them.   This is the first of a series focused on deciphering the terminology that is a foreign language to so many of you. 

Facebook->     please, I know you know what that is.  There are over a billion people using it.

  • timeline->     this is your 'homepage' where all your posts, pictures and things you like are visible.
  • news feed->     'default' page where all the posts of your 'friends' (in Facebook terms friends is a pretty loosely used term) can be found.
  • post->     text, picture or video you or a friend put on Facebook.
  • like->     click the thumbs up symbol on a friends post; says you like the post, agree with it or maybe you feel peer pressure to say something so as to not feel judged.
  • tag->     putting another person's name on a post or picture. This puts that picture or post on that person's timeline.  Be careful who is posting those pictures from last Friday night.
  • share->     taking the post of a friends and posting it to your timeline for all your friends to see.

Twitter->     social network made up of quick, short messages that is incredibly useful but over complicated because Twitter is well Twitter.

  • tweet->     message you post on twitter that is less than or equal to 140 characters.
  • follower->     another person or account that chooses to see your tweets.
  • retweet->     taking another person's tweet and tweeting it again on your account.
  • hashtag->     word with a # sign in front of it (i.e. #love).  Used to help you search for a specific topic or group a bunch of tweets together for future reference.  Please don't participate in hashtag abuse.  Not every set of words is a #besthashtagevercreatedlikeever.
  • @mention->     also known as @reply. When you start a tweet with @ and someone's name, they will get a notification that you said something to them.  This is not a private message.  It can be seen by people who follow you and follow them.  You've been warned.
  • DM->     direct message on twitter between 2 people.  This is a private message.  
  • tweetup->     impromptu gathering of people who are following a certain account or hashtag.
  • favorite->     similar to the like on Facebook; some use this to say they like a tweet, want to bookmark the tweet or agree with a tweet.

Vine->     social network made up of videos that are no more than 6 seconds long and play on a loop.  In between pretty creative ideas you are guaranteed to see someone get hit in the crotch on a loop.  Kind of like America's Funniest Home videos for the next generation.

Instagram->     social network for sharing photos even if they are photos you shouldn't actually share.

  • filter->     a quick alteration you can make to a photo you want to share that gives it a different look.  For example, you can take a high resolution image and make it look like crap with a Polaroid filter to your heart's desire.
  • heart->     think like or favorite except they had to think of something different.

Snapchat->     social network where you send a picture or message and it deletes after several seconds once the recipient views it.  Great way to communicate in a more private manner which of course leads to many jokes on late night television.

  • snap->     picture sent to a friend using Snapchat.

Pinterest->     social network that is the gateway drug for all moms who said they had no use for that social internet stuff. Primarily a place to save articles and ideas found on the internet.

  • pin->     saving an idea, picture, blog, etc on Pinterest.

Tumblr->     social network with longer form content like a blog or collection of information around a topic or idea.

  • tumblog->     slang term describing a blog on Tumblr.     

notification->     think inbox for what you missed while you weren't actively using a social network.
troll->     internet slang for people who post nasty things to get others angry.