The TL;DR version is that this app is a way to create shortcuts to frequently used apps or actions that you perform often. The brilliance is found in the time saving it provides you. If you stop and think, I'm sure there are certain tasks you do repeatedly on your phone. What if you can cut steps out of that process with one button?

The level of complexity that is attainable is incredibly impressive, but can be kept so simple.

In later blogs we can get into some more advanced features. What I want to create here is a way to quickly get started gaining value from Launch Center Pro. I've used this for several years and the $5 bucks it cost seems like robbery at this point.

Step one:

Determine a handful of tasks you perform often.

  • Add task to ToDoist
  • Add reminder to Due
  • Create new event in Fantastical
  • Add new post to queue in Buffer
  • Search for password in 1Password
  • Append to existing note in Drafts

I have several others, but these are my most frequent.

Step two:

Create the action

Example -> Create new event in Fantastical
All of the sample actions can be created by going through the steps in these included images. The process takes a little bit of time to setup, but the resulting efficiency is very much worth the effort.

If you find yourself unsure of what you can do or what you want to do, go and check out the possible actions via the developer,

Step three:

Add the LCP Today View Widget

In the settings of Launch Center, there is a today widget section that lets you select what actions you want made available in the Today View. Ridiculously simple!


As I mentioned before, the options are nearly limitless. Everyone will have different ideas and everyone has different tasks they want to simplify. Give this app a try. Start really putting the power of that pocket sized computer to your advantage.