Have you seen a blog warning you of Facebook's updated privacy policy?  

Were you told you could opt out by submitting a certain post like below?

"In response to the new Facebook guidelines, I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings, professional photos and videos, etc (as a result of the Berner Convention)."

These posts continue to pop up every few weeks without delay.  The problem is that Facebook is not going to make changes to a privacy policy in this manner.  This is nothing more than the underbelly of the internet coming to the surface.  The internet is full of people who like to troll the rest of us and they won't be stopping anytime soon. 

With those facts in hand, let me explain exactly what Facebook's privacy policy boils down to. Remember when you learned that nothing was free?  The internet is no different.  If you went and looked in your account settings and read the privacy policy, I bet your jaw would drop.  When you put something on Facebook, you handed the keys to that information over to Facebook (this same rule applies on many other sites on the internet too).  You don't pay with money, but with information. 

Facebook takes the same approach as Google in how to monetize their user base.  You get all this magical access to the world and they get information.  That information is then sold to advertisers who want to target ads and sell you stuff.  When you breezed by the privacy policy upon setting up your account, that was the agreement you made.  

Personally this doesn't bother me since I know I am the product.  Armed with that information you can make more informed decisions about what you are willing to share.  So don't go running away, just keep it in mind the next time you share that picture and scroll past these posts from now on.