The default Reminders app is OK. In fact it is probably great for many people who give it a chance. You can create lists and set recurring reminders perfectly without any issues. I have given it several chances over the years, but it never stuck. I'd end up doing what I always do and dismiss the reminder or not even set it up because of the multi-step process required.

All of this changed with Due and 3 specific game changers for how I stay organized.

Quick Creation

In a similar fashion to how Fantastical allows you to create events, Due removes the multi-step friction that keeps you from setting up reminders in the first place. Simply type a sentence like 'Shopping this Saturday afternoon at Home Depot followed by Bed, Bath, & Beyond' or 'Girls Night Out every other Friday night at 8pm' and Due will parse out the description, time, and date for you. No need to deal with the friction other reminder apps put you through.

Reusable Timers

The best feature I never knew I needed. I am a firm believer in being intentional (Sidenote -> #beintentional chat every Sunday night) and know I have a device in my hand that can be so much more than a Facebook machine. Timers are simple, but hugely affective for productivity or repeating events in your day to day life. Seriously, who wouldn't want to use a 'Power Nap' timer?!?

Persistent Reminders

We all need reminded of the tasks in our life. Life is way to hectic to keep up at times (well, most times). The problem is that being reminded once is not going to help many of us. I'm that guy who hits snooze on my alarm clock on repeat. If my clock could only take one alarm, I'd be in big trouble. Reminders should be the same and with Due they are the same. Now when I have an email I know I need to send and the reminder pops up in the middle of a meeting, I can snooze it and receive that reminder again at a more appropriate time.

Those 3 features aren't the only reasons to love Due. Check out the developer's site ( or buy it from the app store right here.

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