One thing we can all agree about is the speed at which life flashes by these days. All of us have somewhere to be, something to remember, and the tension to keep it all duct taped together. Our options for organizing this life and all the places we are pushed and pulled are overwhelming. At times too many options can actually be detrimental. This is a perfect case.

Everyone has their system and then they have their next new system. I am a self proclaimed Appaholic who is guilty of running this hamster wheel. I love trying the latest and greatest. I love chasing that perfect workflow on my phone. I'm convinced this computer in my hand has so much power to put chaos into order and I'm determined to maximize that potential.

The chase has lead me through maybe a dozen different calendar apps over the last few years. I can't believe I am actually saying this but I. AM. DONE.

Fantastical is the {Fill in any version of "bee's knees or cat's meow"}.

All viable calendars have to be able to create events, set alarms, get notifications and connect to your calendar of choice. Fantastical checks all the required boxes, but what sets it apart are it's brains. This is not the point where I'm going to write a detailed review. That has been done.

I recommend Fantastical for one specific feature.

Entering an appointment in a calendar tends to have just enough friction that I don't take the time to enter all of them. Not with Fantastical. All you have to do is type a normal sentence like "Lunch next Friday with Jeremy" or "Design Meeting with Design Team every Tuesday at 6" and the app will parse all the important details and schedule everything. Dead Simple.

Get it here for iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac.