Being the guy who is constantly on the prowl for ways to improve my workflows and productivity on my iPhone, I've been through several email apps. Some of my favorites were Inbox, Boxer, and MailBox. Problem was that every one I tried was still missing something. Email is a mess and can so easily become unwieldy and overwhelming to manage. Most of us do good to deal with it because its necessary. I've never thought it had to be that way and Spark may finally give me the tools to maximize email's usefulness.

Organized Inbox

Without any work of my own, incoming email is sorted into categories. New is on the top and then under that categories like Newsletters or Promotions. This same method can be found in apps like Mailbox, but there is something about the design and fluidity of swiping through your messages that works so beautifully in Spark.


Why a snooze feature wasn't always in email now feels like such a missed opportunity. Email has long been a constant flow of read, then archive or delete. This completely fails to recognize the reality that not all email can be read as soon as they arrive nor can any tasks that result from the email be handled right away. Because of that, the inbox has become an ever expanding graveyard of digital debt. Email after email of things we'll get to later. Reality is that we never get to that overwhelming inbox. Along comes the simple swipe right to snooze. Now you can quickly act to decide when you want that email to resurface at a more convenient time. The end result is an inbox with only the most relevant emails at all times.

Take Action

The final step is to decide what happens to the email in front of you. Emails can be tasks you need to complete, calendar appointments, reminders, something you want to share, or one of several other things. Thanks to integration with the iOS Share Sheet, many apps on your phone can process the email's information. The only limits are the apps installed on your phone.

All of these features have taken email from something I have to deal with to an absolutely essential tool. I don't avoid subscribing to interesting newsletters, if I know those have a place to live. I don't fret about keeping track of my orders from Amazon, if I know I can quickly save those receipts off to DropBox. Now my email is essential.