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If you are trying to bring order through software, then you have probably used many to-do lists. Like calendars, there are oodles of options in this area and what works for one won't work for the other. Many of the options either fill a certain niche or are so general that they cannot keep your attention.

A great to do list is going to let you get in and out really quick and then provide a depth of granularity for those moments you have time to be a control freak. All of which will be accomplished in a manner that is easy to understand. Todoist is that application. You choose the level of detail and then get stuff done.

Do you only need to keep a grocery list?
Do you need to manage multiple projects with sub projects and tasks that need to be assigned and tracked with multiple people?

Todoist can accomplish this spectrum of tasks without overwhelming the user. Nothing makes me delete an app more quickly than a cluttered interface. If I have too much to figure out before I have even gathered any value, then I am likely to bail and move on to the next app (side note regarding clutter in the real world...if anyone knows of an app that can take my clothes from the floor and put them in the hamper for me...message me stat). Todoist is able to retain an exhaustive amount of detail yet stay simple. A quick example is the natural language smarts used in creating a new task. Type a sentence and Todoist will parse it to know what you want to do and how often it needs done.

All of these features are great, but Todoist's killer feature is that it is everywhere! Just like Evernote, there are not many places without access to Todoist. There are iOS and Android apps, web-browser extensions, a website, and direct Gmail integration to quickly add an email as a project or task. All your projects and tasks are seamlessly synced back and forth so that they become instantly available anywhere you need them. That fact is what sealed the deal for me.

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