I needed to stop. I needed to take my own inventory. I needed a deep breath.

I have this tendency to take on project after project until I don't actually have the bandwidth to do any of them up to the level of excellence I desire. A couple months ago I had a new website to write for, an iPhone app I was building, social media content to create and publish for my local church, website maintenance to do for my local church, and an actual jobby job. A crescendo was reached and I slammed on the brakes or rather was forced to slam on the brakes.

There is no way I am alone in this pattern of behavior. What's the common answer you get when you ask someone what they've been up to? I bet they say they have been busy. Life is full and that's not a bad thing. Where it veers off track is when you let it take control instead of pulling a Carrie Underwood and letting go of the wheel.

I let task after task get added without ever stopping to prioritize. Setting boundaries is both the best thing ever and the hardest thing ever. 'Just say no' applies to more than drugs.

Now that I've had this stoppage, it's time to get back to it. Lucky for this blog, it has made the cut and with a renewed focus. Let's make this place an outlet for people who are interested in technology but feel like they can't speak the language. We live in an exciting time and technology should be accessible to all of us. Hopefully, soapBx can act as that interpreter between tech geeks and the rest of us.

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