Originally this was pitched to me as a place to keep notes. Sounds boring eh?
Well I write a lot of stuff down. I have very bad short term memory, long term memory and something else I can't remember. Evernote has saved my bacon several times. Not because it saves notes, but because I can access them almost everywhere.

The value of writing a note and then accessing it from any computer with an internet connection is invaluable. Maybe it is the kind of thing you don't understand until you have it and now you can't imagine how you lived without it. Sort of like the thought of leaving home without your cellphone. Gasp!!! Notes anywhere sold me because that sure beat Word, notebooks, and the thousand of sticky notes on my desk.

Since then Evernote has grown up exponentially. Today you can store almost anything. The features include saving notes, checklists, reminders, pictures, and snip-its of text from any website as you read it. All of this information can be organized in notebooks and with labels for easy searching and finding later. You can even share any of this information with a friend or coworker.

Best of all it is FREE!
(There is a Premium subscription which adds the ability to insert larger files, search within the text of documents and access all of your documents without the internet.)

Please don't stick with that default notepad app on your smartphone. Give this a shot even for the basics. I guarantee you will start to use it more and more. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask @soap_bx.

In a future post I'll detail how you can use all the best features of Evernote across many different devices.