Do you know what Snapchat is? Are you wondering why you even need to know? Maybe you know your kids or grandkids like it but chalk it up to kids stuff.

Sorry but if you have kids or grandkids, you need to know all about it. They flock to it because you are not there just like you were drawn to that concert your parents wouldn't go to.

This fact along with a one simple feature that Snapchat offers has lead to immense growth for the platform. What you send your friend is automatically deleted within 7 seconds of them viewing the image.

What teenager isn't going to love that idea?

However, things just are not that simple. The internet is filled with the best and worst of humanity. In light of that reality, those flirty selfies your daughter sent her boyfriend or the pics her friends took at that sleepover might last a lot longer than 7 seconds. Your daughter could become an objectified fantasy in the darkest corners of the web.

I wish this were only hyperbole on my part. Unfortunately it recently happened. Read this