I am an app addict. No phone or tablet is worth anything if there are not great apps to download.
These are my favorite of this year and not in any order.

There are an overabundance of todo apps in the App store and I may have tried them all. Todoist is the first one to actually keep my attention. The simplicity of entering new tasks into groups and adding labels is great, but the integrations into Gmail and Google Chrome are icing on the cake.

An app that happened by accident. Originally a tool to help a group of developers communicate while building a new game. Now it is the fastest growing tool for communication in teams around the world. Goodbye Email. You will not be missed.

I use Copy/Cut/Paste all the time on my phone. Many times I have copied something and then wanted to paste it, but had already copied another piece of text. This app lets you save text you copy and go back at any time to retrieve again. Definitely a power user feature, but one I find invaluable.

Square should be paying me for all the people I've recommended this to in 2014. No seriously, where are my stock options? I don't ever carry cash. In fact I would love if I didn't even need to carry a wallet. Cash is one more step toward needing zero physical cash. Send anyone cash via SMS, Email or Bluetooth for free. Safe, secure and simple equal a winner.

Drafts 4
The quickest way to save off any piece of text. Most of the time the notes you save actually should be in some other app or sent somewhere else but you didn't know that when you saved them. The note could be a calendar appointment or an email to a friend? Drafts lets you save the text and then come back at anytime to easily send it anywhere.

Google's replacement for Gmail. Instead of showing emails in only a chronological order, emails are now grouped together into categories. Once together any important information from the email is made visible without even needing to open the email. An easy example is when you order something from Amazon you see the item and a link to track the package.


This year may go down as the year that people finally learned about podcasts. Thanks Serial and Startup. Next step is that you realize the limits you are bouncing up against in that default podcast app. Overcast brings 2 features that seperate it from the pack. Smart Speed eliminates silence spaces in a podcast. You won't hear any difference but in the end the hour long podcast may be a couple minutes shorter. Voice Boost attempts to make every podcast sound great regardless of the audio quality. Because I love good design, I can't imagine using the default podcast app.

Twitter is full of tweets that link to blog posts all over the world wide web and I do a lot of reading of these blog posts. This app makes finding the articles worth reading simple and effective. Essentially it creates a blog for you with all the most popular links in your feed. You don't have to traverse back over the day to see what you missed. Open the app and the best are right in front of you.


Do people call you when you can't talk? Do you text others when they don't have time to get back to you. What if you could know exactly if someone is available? Status tells you exactly that. Now if only they could get more people to use it.

One of these days passwords won't be needed because there will be some great new way to gain access to important accounts. In the meantime the best you can do is a secure password and 2 factor authentication. (definition) Authy gives you a central place to go and get the 6 digit codes required.

Crossy Road
This is a latecomer but you can't hold that against it. Think Frogger for today's mobile generation except you keep jumping until you get hit by a Bus or a Train. Also, instead of only using a frog there are 53+ characters you can win. These small differences have made the game hard for me to put down. Free to play but worth a premium.

Best number puzzler on iOS. Maybe you've played it's little step brother 2048. This is the big brother that is so thoughtfully designed that you keep coming back for more. The mechanics and rules will take a few minutes to grasp, but it is so worth it. What puts it over the top are all the little animations and the strategy of what to slide where.