A couple years back every single wireless carrier made you sign a 2 year contract in blood with your first born as collateral. Of course we were cool with that...we need our iPhones afterall.

Along came John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, and the launch of their UnCarrier initiative. In short, over the past couple years T-Mobile has taken every piece of the mobile carrier market and flipped it upside down.

  • 2 Year Contracts -> Pay a monthly fee for your phone
  • Wait to Upgrade -> Pay a few extra bucks a month and upgrade early
  • Pay exorbant roaming internationally -> Pay Nothing
  • Stuck with another carrier -> We will pay your $350 Early Termination Fee
  • Music Streaming uses all my data -> Try Unlimited Music Streaming
  • I use half the data I pay for -> Rollover Data to the next month

Then comes this today, Sprint Counters T-Mobile's Low Price iPhone Plan, which is directly a result of T-Mobile's very recent announcement allowing customers the opportunity to lease an iPhone 6S for $5 month.

T-Mobile has started a war and people who only get a smartphone to see their grandkids on Facebook and those of us who want the latest iPhone every year are reaping the benefits.

So again, Thank You John Legere and T-Mobile for giving the cell phone carriers a swift kick in the rear for the rest of us.