We've been living with a big box and monitor taking space in our homes for over a decade now. At this point it's assumed that most everyone owns a computer. Many times it is collecting dust only to be woke from it's slumber to do some menial task.

The question is why do we keep that thing?

Have you even considered ridding your home of that machine? I can make the argument that a large number of people could actually take that thing to the recycle center and reclaim the office for anything else. Painting, Music, Guest Room...etc....

Maybe this sounds crazy considering we live in a world where so much is done using computers? True. The difference today is that more and more is being accomplished on a phone or tablet. So bare with me and ask yourself these questions. Maybe you will find you could live without it.

What level of complexity do you require in a computer?
Are you a power user of some sort where the software you require simply isn't available on a tablet? Think photographers, architects, software developers and loads of other professions. Ridding the home of a "real" computer is a non starter for you folks. You can go back to reading your Facebook feed or read on to save your mom some time.

What do you use the computer for 90% of the time?

  • Surf the Web
  • Listen to Music
  • Manage Photos and Video
  • Create a Word Document or Spreadsheet
  • Play Games

Did you notice that every one of those things can be done on an iPad or Surface Pro?
Not only that but many times the tablet does these things better. If you fall into this category then chances are the other 10% of your time is spent managing the machine to protect it against viruses and malware. Even worse that 10% could be spent dealing with the Geek Squad.

Next time you need to go to the nearest big box store to get a new computer, consider finding something better to do. Anytime you visit Walmart or Best Buy you are actively subtracting days from the end of your life. This option may just simplify things for you.

In a future post, I'll detail how you could execute this change. We'll talk about the apps you need, printing, backup solutions and much more.