Every year Apple updates iOS (the software that is run on your iPhone).
Every year it is filled with hundreds of new features/tweaks.
Every year only a handful of those are discovered and used by the average user.

That seems like such a waste, so lets start somewhere.

New to iOS 8 are Today View Widgets.
If you are on android, I hear you yelling at me about how you've had widgets since you were in kindergarten. I get it, let's move on.

When these are done well, they provide quick links to actions you do on a repeated basis. Chances are you already have some available to you but don't know how to activate them. This is because any app on your phone could have an associated widget waiting for you to activate.


Follow these steps:

  • With phone unlocked, swipe down from top of phone to pull down the Today | Notifications shade.
  • Scroll to bottom of Today Tab and click Edit button.
  • Click Green + sign to add widget
  • Click Red - sign to remove widget
  • Touch 3 horizontal lines to change order of added widgets

That's it! Ridiculously simple!
Let me know if you discover any great widgets along the way.