We live in a time where technology is infiltrating all corners of our daily lives. Problem for most of us is that it appears over our head. We either don't understand how to use it or we don't understand why we should use it. Ignorance only leads to fear and the fear to paralysis.

Does it have to be that way?

You probably use Facebook because you realized the value. You saw how easy it was to keep up with friends and family. At anytime you could see pictures of your grand-kids. Not to mention the fact that nothing is official until it's Facebook official.

I know Facebook didn't come naturally to most. Your grand-kids appear to pick it up without much effort, but all of it is over your head. Anyhow you stuck around until you understood enough to get the value you saw.

Chances are you now own a smartphone. Some of that may be because your son told you it was worthwhile or maybe that snarky kid at AT&T talked you into it. No matter, you made the choice to graduate from the trusty flip phone and into uncharted territory. I'm sure many of you now know how to text, Google something and have found a few Apps to keep you from going back to that flip phone.

The point is that there are many other cases like Facebook and your Smartphone. Cloud storage like DropBox, gadgets like a Jawbone Up and apps like Square Cash could be the next place you find another product enhances your daily life.

Maybe you shouldn't be so scared, but instead be a little more curious next time. Don't just settle for paralysis from that unknown. We live in an amazing time and should take advantage of it.