Conversations on Facebook typically range from "you're an idiot and I know it all" to "tell me more about your perspective."

Sure conversations in real life also exist on this range, but why does it seem to lean toward "I know it all?" Social media can be a tool for great purpose or great abuse. Think how brilliant it is that we can communicate with virtually anyone at anytime in the world. We have more perspectives and ideas at the tip of our fingers, but too often we use those to tell everyone else why they are wrong.

from Humane Pursuits

People are less likely to voice opinions when they think their views differ from those of their friends. Since their feeds are dominated by people they like, find interesting, or tend to agree with, social media can intensify this tendency and keep dissenters quiet. In fact, people who use social media regularly are less likely to express differing views in the offline world

We shouldn't be afraid to voice an opinion on social media and we should openly welcome others. What a waste that people stay quiet when if you engage you might learn something. The key is to remember the difference between preaching a belief/idea and sharing a belief/idea

Facebook is magical but not so magical that it can keep the person on the other end from being upset. It has the power to strengthen and/or reshape our ideas but we have to give others the space to share theirs.

from Humane Pursuits

No politics at the dinner table? Social media is like the dinner table, only more so. Most people said they would be more willing to discuss something controversial at dinner or at work than on social media.

I love this metaphor of social media being like the dinner table. We all have the crazy uncle telling everyone the facts. Social media makes this table exponentially larger and yet we fill it with people who believe what we believe. We are free to enjoy that echo chamber all day long, but I want more crazy uncles. Maybe I might learn something. Call me crazy but maybe we should follow some people who challenge our way of life...Gasp

Complete Sidebar...Everyone of us already knows the people that are ready to spray machine gun fire if challenged. Oh Yeah and...DON'T BE THAT PERSON!!!

from Humane Pursuits

Educated people and thoughtful people are quieting down. People with more education are less likely to weigh in on a Facebook debate, as are people with moderate views. People with less education, and people with more fervent or extreme views, dominate the debate.

Let that settle in a little. Ask yourself where you fall and how you are using social media. As technology proliferates it becomes more and more important to be intentional in our use. Whether offline or online, thinking we know everything is pretty mundane.